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Marc Lao, 55g, April 2006

All About Planted Aquarium Fertilizer

Fertilizers that won't make you poor 

delivered around the world to your door!

Welcome to AquariumFertilizer.com

Aquatic plants thrive in a well balanced environment of light, carbon, macro and micro nutrients, and clean water. For a breathtakingly beautiful tank with the lushest aquascape at fair prices, browse through our store. If you are setting up a tank for the first time or even if you are an experienced aquarium keeper check out these articles on How to Set Up A Planted Tank and Low Tech Excel Based Planted Aquariums by Sundeep Mandal; Estimative Index Dosing by Tom Barr; Beginner Water Changes and Practical Water Chemistry by Shelli Wittig (Fishgal) .

Why Shop AquariumFertilizer.com?

Why buy water with a small amount of fertilizer when you can buy fertilizer and add your own water? Fertilizers for aquatic plants are not hard to obtain.  You can go to any pet store or to the big pet suppliers online. The fertilizers you buy from these suppliers come already mixed with water.  You are mostly paying for the water and the cost of shipping the water. At aquariumfertilizer.com we think that if you have an aquarium you have plenty of water.

AquariumFertilizer.com carries water soluble fertilizers and water conditioners. We carry the nutrients required by all plants: Macro Micro Nutrient Mix, a formula similar to PMDD; Micronutrients in dry and time release Substrate Root Zone Tablets; calcium compounds for water conditioning including Barr’s GH Booster; and 3 chelated iron compounds. We also carry Graduated Dispenser bottles for ease of mixing and dosing that can be purchased in combination with fertilizers at a discount. When you buy 5 of any single fertilizer you will automatically receive a sixth of that item free of charge. 

Shipping is by USPS flat rate priority mail. Up to 6 lbs can be shipped by flat rate envelope and up to 20 lbs  ships in a medium flat rate box. Information about shipping costs and delivery time is available in our FAQ page. Information about international shipping is also available in the FAQ page. There is a strict limit of 4 lbs that can be shipped internationally in a flat rate envelope.

Dry fertilizers in small quantities are harder to find. AquariumFertilizer.com was founded as a less expensive place to buy dry fertilizers in manageable quantities. We sell you the fertilizers and you add the water.  By doing so you save many times what you would pay for bottled fertilizer. An added benefit is that you can design your own fertilizer blends.  Or buy our pre-mixed Macro Micro Nutrient Mix or Macro Mix and still save a bundle! These products are suitable and practical for hydroponics, aeroponics and garden ponds. Compare the cost of Seachem products to ours:




2 Liters    

Flourish        Nitrogen$6$16$35 Potassium Nitrate:1 lbat $5 for 3 L
Flourish   Potassium$11$15$40 Potassium   Sulfate:1 lb$5 makes 2 L
Flourish   Phosphorus$6$15$40 Monopotassium   Phosphate:1 lb$8 makes 5 L
Flourish Trace   Elements$6$10$32 Nutritrace   CSM + boron:1 lb$18 makes 5.5   L
Flourish   Iron$9$12$40 Ferrous   Gluconate:8oz$13 makes 2   L
Flourish$6$10$32 Macro   Micro Nutrient Mix:1 lb$15 makes 5.5 L
       Price quotes are  from Amazon.com. AquariumFertilizer.com products are water soluble agricultural grade fertilizers. These products are inert minerals and elements which if kept dry will last almost indefinitely. Up to 6 lbs of our products ship directly to your door in the continential United States for   $8.

Potassium nitrate is an oxidizer. Calcium nitrate is an alternative to potassium nitrate for international customers. Aquariumfertilizer.com has a permit filed with the Canadian Department of Natural Resources that allows us to ship potassium nitrate to Canada.

About AquariumFertilizer.com

AquariumFertilizer.com has made obtaining manageable quantities of dry  fertilizers at reasonable cost possible for aquarium hobbyists since March 2007.  My knowledge of fertilizers and their uses comes through growing aquatic and terrestrial plants for many years. This experience is backed by university level chemistry and biology courses.     Julia Adkins

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